Sources of Changes in Current Account Balances at the Bank of Japan and Market Operations1 for Sep. 30 (Fri)

Bank of Japan
Financial Markets Department

Three tables are released every business day: "Projections" for the following business day, "Provisional results" for the business day concerned and "Final results" for the previous business day. Update times of the data are available here.

(100 million yen)

(Minus: net issuance)
 700  800  800

Treasury funds and others
(Minus: net receipt of funds)
 3,800  6,100  6,100

Surplus/Shortage of funds
(Minus: shortage)
 4,500  6,900  6,900

BOJ Loans and Market Operations

Outright purchases of JGBs  8,700  8,700  8,700
Outright purchases of T-Bills      
Outright sales of T-Bills      
Purchases of JGSs under repurchase agreements      
Sales of JGSs under repurchase agreements      
Funds-supplying operations against pooled collateral (at Head office)      
Funds-supplying operations against pooled collateral (at All offices)      
Purchases of CP under repurchase agreements      
Outright sales of bills drawn by BOJ      
Outright purchases of CP  4,000  4,000  4,000
   -4,100  -4,100  -4,100
Outright purchases of Corporate Bonds      
Outright purchases of ETFs      
Outright purchases of J-REITs      
Funds-supplying operation to support financial institutions in disaster areas      
Special funds-supplying operations to facilitate financing in response to the novel coronavirus      
Climate response financing operations      
Securities lending as a secondary source of JGSs  18,000  18,000  18,000
     -27,600  -27,600
Securities lending to provide JGSs as collateral for the U.S. dollar funds-supplying operations      
Subtotal (excluding the Loan Support Program)  +26,600  -1,000  -1,000
Fund-provisioning measure to support strengthening the foundations for economic growth      
Fund-provisioning measure to stimulate bank lending      
Subtotal (Loan Support Program)  +0  +0  +0
Total  +26,600  -1,000  -1,000

Net change in current account balances5  +31,100  +5,900  +5,900

Current account balances3,5
(amount outstanding)
 4,955,500  4,930,300  
Reserve balances held by institutions subject to reserve requirements    4,326,300  4,326,300
Held by institutions that have satisfied reserve requirements for the current period    4,326,000  4,326,000
Excess reserves    4,324,100  4,324,100
Current account balances held by institutions NOT subject to reserve requirements    604,000  604,000

Monetary base      6,180,600

Required reserves for the current maintenance period
(Sep.16-Oct.15, cumulative total)4
Required reserves for the current maintenance period
(Sep.16-Oct.15, daily average)4
Remaining required reserves on and after Oct.3 (cumulative total) 3,400
Remaining required reserves on and after Oct.3 (daily average) 300


  1. Figures are rounded off to 10 billion yen.
  2. "Loans" in this chart means the loans under Complementary Lending Facility.
  3. The total current account balances held with the BOJ by financial institutions.Reserve balances are included in this.
  4. The figure for required reserves is usually revised on the 7th of every month (or the preceding business day when the 7th falls on a bank holiday).
  5. Projections of market operations are the amounts offered prior to the compilation of this report.Projections of net change in current account balances are made without considering the execution of loans under Complementary Lending Facility on the same day.
  6. Inquiries: Market Operations Division,Financial Markets Department +81-3-3277-1362