Overview of the Exhibits

The Bank of Japan Otaru Museum building was designed by Kingo Tatsuno and his protégé, Uheiji Nagano. Construction work was completed in 1912 to serve as the Bank's Otaru Branch, which discontinued its business operations on September 13, 2002.

The historical building provides an atmospheric setting for displays on the Bank's history, its business operations, and the development of the city of Otaru.

Image: overall view of the History Zone

Map of the Museum

Image: floor map of the museum Business Operations Zone History Zone The Architecture of the Bank

About Each Section

History Zone

Explains the history of the Bank of Japan and the Otaru Branch.

Image: tower stand displays in the History Zone explaining the history of the Bank of Japan

Business Operations Zone

Focuses on the Bank's business operations and displays the original vault used in the Otaru Branch.

Image: overall view of the Business Operations Zone

Video Room

A video-on-demand system allows visitors to familiarize themselves with various aspects of the Bank's business operations.

The Architecture of the Bank

Provides details on the architecture of the original Otaru Branch building.