Business Operations Zone

This section provides an overview of the Bank of Japan's business operations. Visitors can also take a look at the interior of the original vault used in the Otaru Branch.

Explanations of the items on display can be found in English pamphlets available at the museum.

Banknote Issuance

Image: exhibits showing various security features of banknotes up close

The Bank is the sole issuer of banknotes in Japan. This section describes the life of a banknote and explains various security features used to prevent counterfeiting. Visitors are given the chance to see some of these security features up close.

Have you ever examined a banknote with a magnifying glass? You will discover various features that are easy to miss at first glance.

Price Stability

Image: exhibits introducing the Bank's business operations for maintaining price stability

Financial System Stability

Image: exhibits introducing the Bank's business operations for maintaining financial system stability

These sections provide a visual introduction to the Bank's business operations for maintaining price stability -- monetary policy -- and those for maintaining financial system stability.

Continuing Business in Times of Disaster

Image: exhibits introducing various measures the Bank implements in times of disaster

As the central bank of Japan, the Bank implements various measures in times of disaster, in order to support financial institutions and people in disaster-stricken areas.

This section introduces how the Bank carries out its responsibilities in times of disaster, along with actual photos.

The Vault of the Bank: Try lifting 100 million yen!

Image: door of the original vault
Image: replica package of 100 million yen being held

The interior of the original vault, used to store banknotes until 2002, has been reproduced. Be sure to take a look at the thickness of the door and the walls when you visit.

Fancy taking a picture in the vault, standing in front of a 100 billion yen pile of notes and with another 100 million in your hands? (All banknote packages are replicas.)

Video Room

A video entitled "The Bank of Japan in Our Daily Lives," which introduces the Bank's business operations, is available in English.

Three videos in Japanese are available: two are about the Bank's operations, one aimed at students up to about 15 years of age, the other for a general audience; there is also a video about banknotes intended for a general audience.